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Full List of Publication Mediums for MLA Format

** Medium is no longer required in the current MLA 8th edition. **

Address.For an address.
Audiocassette.For Audiocassette.
Audiotape.For Audiotape.
CD.For Compact Disk.
CD-ROM, print.For book with CD-ROM.
DVD.For Digital Video Disk.
DVD, print.Book with DVD. If you only use the book portion then use “Print” as the medium. “DVD, print” is correct with “print” in lower case.
E-mail.For an e-mail.
Film.For a film.
Laser disc.For laser disc.
Lecture.For a lecture.
LP.For Long Playing Record.
MS.For a manuscript, i.e. a work written by hand (letter, memo,…)
Performance.For a performance (play, opera, dance, concert).
Print.For books, journals, newspapers, magazines.
Print.Treat a published score or libretto like a book.
Radio.For a radio broadcast.
Reading.For a reading.
Slide program.For Slide program.
Sound filmstrip.For Sound filmstrip.
Speech.For a speech.
Television.For a television broadcast.
TS.For a typescript, i.e. a work prepared by machine (letter, memo,…)
Tweet.For a twitter tweet.
Videocassette.For Videocassette.
Web.For sources found on the Internet.
For a Computer File:
Record the publication medium for computer files in this format: Filetype file. See examples below.
EPUB file.For an EPUB file.
GIF file.For a GIF image file.
JPEG file.For a JPEG image file.
JPG file.For a JPG image file.
Kindle file.For a Kindle file.
Microsoft Word file.For a Microsoft Word file.
MP3 file.For a MP3 file.
Nook file.For a Nook file.
PDF file.For a PDF file.
PNG file.For a PNT image file.
TXT file.For a TXT text file.
XML file.For a XML file.
Digital file.Use this for a file that you can not identify the file type.
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