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APA Reference Page

Formatting your APA reference page:

APA calls its bibliography page “References” (MLA calls it Works Cited). You place your references at the end of your paper, on a separate/new page.

APA References Page:
Page Format:Use the heading “References” centered one inch below the top edge of a new page, without underlining or quotation marks.
Spacing:Double-space throughout the list.
Sources:Cite only the sources you actually used in the paper.
Indentation:Do not indent the first line. Indent the second and subsequent lines of each entry 5 spaces or one-half inch
Alphabetizing:List the works alphabetically by author or by the first main word of the title if there is no author. Arrange two or more works by the same author from oldest to most recent, by year of publication.

APA References Formula:

Please see APA reference formula and example in the image below.

apa reference page

APA Reference Formula

APA Citation Generator:

For a list of the free and most reliable APA citation/reference generators, please visit here.

APA References Samples:

Sample references to Books:
Lundy, C. (2003). Social work and social justice: A structural approach to practice. Peterborough, ON: Broadview Press.

Elster, J., & Moene, K. O. (Eds.). (1989). Alternatives to capitalism. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Reiter, D., & Stam, A. C. (2002). Democracies at war. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

 Sample references to Periodicals:
Lipson, C. (1991). Why are some international agreements informal? International organization, 45, 495-538.

Koremenos, B., Lipson, C., & Snidal, D. (2001). The rational design of international institutions. International organization, 55, 761-799.

The United States and the Americas: One history in two halves. (2003, December 13). Economist, 36.

Orr, H. A. (2003, August 14). What’s not in your genes. [Review of the book Nature via nurture: Genes, experience, and what makes us human]. New York Review of Books, 50, 38-40.

 Sample references to Electronic Sources:

Kremer, M., & Zwane, A. P. (2005). Encouraging private sector research for tropical agriculture [Abstract]. World Development, 33, 87.

Encyclopedia: hard copy and online:

Balkans: History. (1987). In Encyclopaedia Britannica (15th ed., Vol. 14, pp. 570-588). Chicago: Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Balkans. (2003). Encyclopaedia Britannica [online]. Retrieved December 28, 2003, from http://search.eb.com/eb/article?eu=119645


Anxious. (2000). American heritage dictionary of the English language (4th ed.). CD-ROM. Boston: Houghton Mifflin.

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