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“If I spent as much time doing the things I worry about getting done as I spend worrying about doing them, I wouldn’t have time to have anything to worry about.”
Beryl Phizer

Those people who find schoolwork easy are those who can organize their work:

– They are able to work on their own;
– They can fit their work to a flexible timetable;
– They are willing to stick to it.

Wise use of time is the key to success – and not just in terms of schoolwork. Your time must be divided up in many other directions.

For example, how much time do you devote to the following?

Draw up a table like this, complete it, and see.

ActivityHours per week
Part-time jobs
Household chores
Meals (including snacks!)
Other activities?

So what was your total?…..

There are, of course, 168 hours in a week! How is YOUR time divided between

important and unimportant

useful and useless

productive and unproductive


In fact, ALL of the activities listed above should be given time in a well-planned timetable. Move on to the next page now!

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    It is good to have a study skill improvement in advance level.

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    Smart. Thank you.

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