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The Little Wave

The story is abut a little wave, bobbing along in the ocean, having a grand old time.

He’s enjoying the wind and the fresh air – until he notices the other waves in front of him, crashing against the shore. “My God, this terrible”, the wave says. “Look what’s going to happen to me!”

Then along comes another wave. It sees the first wave, looking grim, and it says to him: “Why do you look so sad?”

The first wave says: “You don’t understand! We’re all going to crash! All of us waves are going to be nothing! Isn’t it terrible?”

The second wave says: “No, you don’t understand. You’re not a wave, you’re part of the ocean.”

By Mitch Albom in “Tuesdays with Morrie”
Submitted by Jayden

“Sometimes we need to quit thinking only about ourselves, and look at the bigger picture!” – Amy Alusa

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  • Unknown December 21, 2015, 8:07 pm


  • Pankaj Kaka March 13, 2015, 12:22 am


  • Clint March 10, 2015, 12:23 pm

    Some of us really don’t think like the 2nd wave.. I think i really need to see the big picture in my life..

  • Satish September 26, 2014, 12:13 pm

    Very nice message.

  • Ditra Pasha March 5, 2014, 4:55 am

    I guess this story has made me see the bigger picture in my life at this moment. Thank u for the encouragement I’ll be glad to share.

  • Elizabeth githui February 24, 2014, 7:40 am

    We should always look at the mountain mover not the mountain.

  • Joseph Muya February 17, 2014, 12:51 pm

    This is nice.

  • Himanish February 15, 2014, 10:04 am

    Very good

  • Sunny Mammen February 15, 2014, 5:20 am

    We are not all alone.. We are part of the great ocean.. It is time to care / share and be a part. Thanks for providing that confidence and reminding about it.

  • Sri February 14, 2014, 12:15 pm

    New perspective

  • Kavita February 14, 2014, 4:47 am

    The forms can crash/disappear as they appeared out of the original thing. One should not get identified with the form forgetting about originality. E.g the form swetar disappears and thread remains, the form thread disappears and original fibre remains and so on in the end nothing like wise with the body form.

  • Tuhin February 14, 2014, 1:57 am

    Good one

  • Mariam February 14, 2014, 1:42 am

    We have to stop just concentrating on ourselves.

  • Swarup February 14, 2014, 12:48 am

    Yes we get lost looking at ourselves with out realizing there are bigger things around us to be bothered about. Thanks for reminding.

  • Chris February 13, 2014, 8:00 pm

    Indeed, a powerful and challenging message. Often, we care more about ourselves than others….

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