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The right way to be a successful student

  • Set Long-Term and Short-Term Goals
  • Set Priorities
  • Integrate All the Parts into Your Total Success

Knowing clearly what you want will set you on the right path from the very beginning of your journey to success. What are the important goals in your college career? In your life? How can you set priorities, keep a balance and achieve your total success?

What is total success, anyway?

Total Success =
+ Good health, physical well-being
+ Positive attitude in mind, emotions, and personality
+ Good academic performance
+ Active social activities, personal skills, leadership
+ Sufficient financial, business and other real-life skills

Suggestions for you to achieve your total success

  • Invest in your physical well-being: exercise. Your body is the vehicle to carry your wisdom, knowledge and everything to your future. Good health will help you study more effectively.
  • Invest in your studies, the foundation of your career and future. Get to know yourself, your professor and the course, choose the best study style that fits you. Know what to learn and learn it well.
  • Invest in your social skills, friendships, leadership abilities, and relationships. Academic success alone will not bring you success and happiness in your personal life.
  • Entertainment is essential, re-energize yourself. Balanced entertainment will actually help you study.
  • Take care of your finances, and balance work with study.

A four-year college program should train you to be a professional, mature and well-developed individual. There is no doubt that study plays a central role. It is easy to agree that we need to study and cannot “play” too much.

However, if one pays attention only to studies, ignoring other parts of life such as health, social life, and friendships, then one will not be able to achieve total success.

Integrating all the parts together is the right way to a successful, happy and meaningful life.

By Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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  • wayne November 24, 2014, 2:06 pm

    Thanks a lot!! Your study skill tips are really helpful.

  • Onyeka June 4, 2014, 12:20 pm

    Thank you

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