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So, you are a big dummy…


First off, no way!!!

Deep down inside, past what anybody says, past what grades you get, past how tough it is to do some school things, you know you’re no dummy!

If you don’t. . . well, I’m here to tell you it’s so!

The only DUMMY I ever met was the kid who got so beaten down, he gave up trying. Not everybody does well in school. There, I said it.

But, here’s a news bulletin:



The trick is finding out how to do better and to keep believing in yourself.

Some of us are wired differently from the pack. Letters don’t always read as clearly; sitting in a chair for long periods isn’t always easy; listening is sometimes tough; whatever. It’s the reason Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein sucked at school — and the same reason they were brilliant men and achievers. But they didn’t quit.

A teacher once told Albert Einstein that he would never amount to anything. On the contrary, he went on to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. He is credited with contributing more to the field of modern physics than anyone else.einstein

Check out this website for ways to study. Seek help from counselors and teachers. If they can’t help, try a tutor. If you can’t afford one, team up with a friend. If no one will help, look in a book. If that doesn’t work, still don’t give up. There is a huge world out there after school ends, and if you have perseverance (the will to NOT quit), you’re gonna make out just fine. Believe me. It’s the “A” attitude that’s most important — not the A’s.

As Oprah Winfrey is fond of saying:

trash-bin“God don’t make no junk.”

You might just be wired like Edison and Einstein.
Cool, huh?

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