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How to Reduce Test Anxiety

To reduce math test anxiety, you need to understand both the relaxation response and how negative self-talk undermines your abilities. Relaxation Techniques The relaxation response is any technique or procedure that helps you to become relaxed and will take the place of an anxiety response. Someone simply telling you to relax or even telling yourself […] Read more

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How to take Essay Tests

Essay tests can have on them the following types of questions: short or long answers, fill in the blank, and sentence completion. Use the following suggestions to help you with essay-type tests: Make a brief survey of the entire test. Read every question and the directions. Plan to answer the least difficult questions first, saving […] Read more


How to take Objective Tests

Objective tests include those with multiple-choice, true/false or matching questions. Use the following suggestions to help you take an objective test: Before you start taking the test, preview the entire test – Survey to find how many questions there are and of what type. Set a time limit so that you will have at least […] Read more

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How to Study Well for Math Exams

What to know before you start to study: What type of test is it? Objective – multiple choice, true/false, matching or a combination. Essay – short or long answer, or sentence completion. Problem solving. Combination of the above. What material is to be covered? How many questions (approximately)? What is the time limit? If the […] Read more


Knowing When to Take Notes

To become a better note-taker you must know when to take notes and when not to take notes. The instructor will give cues that indicate what material is important Some such cues include: presenting usual facts or ideas writing on the board • summarizing pausing repeating statements enumerating; such as, “1, 2, 3” or “A, […] Read more