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5 Strategies to Solve difficult Test Questions

A. Translate the questions into your own words. B. Read each option carefully. C. Use a strategy: Attack unfamiliar words by sounding them out, by breaking them into familiar parts with meanings you know, by looking at the surrounding words and sentences for clues to the meaning of the word.  Use your general knowledge. Ask […] Read more

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Guide to Organized Writing

Students too often put off a written assignment, considering it a chore too formidable to approach until the last minute. As a result, grades inevitably suffer. Writing is not a talent reserved for a select few, it is a skill that can be learned. Planning and organization are its essentials. With a knowledge of these, […] Read more

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Tips to Increase your Vocabulary

How do I begin to increase my vocabulary? Vocabulary is an ongoing process. It continues throughout your life. What you have done is to slow your effective method of learning vocabulary down to a snail’s pace. When you were younger you learned something day in and day out. You kept squeezing every moment of the […] Read more

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Textbook Reading Tips

Things To Do Before Reading Make specific times to read assignments for each course. Mentally commit yourself to these time periods to read about these subjects. This makes concentration easier.  Recall what you already know about the topic to be read.  Bring an open mind to what you read. You don’t have to agree in order […] Read more


6 Test Taking Errors to Avoid

1. Misread Direction Errors These errors occur when you skip directions or misunderstand directions but answer the question or do the problem anyway. To avoid this type of error, read all the directions. 2. Careless Errors Mistakes made which can be caught automatically upon reviewing the test. To avoid this type of error, watch for […] Read more