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Lucky Mascots, etc.

Lucky mascots can serve a very useful purpose besides sitting on a desk and getting in the way. They can act as memory aids provided that they are used in a sensible way and the method is taken seriously!

Select as many small mascots, charms, souvenirs, etc., as you have subjects. These items might include decorated pens, charms from a bracelet, small toys, wrist bands and so on. Large items are a distraction and will not be allowed in the exam room.

Link each item with a particular subject and always have it nearby, or even in your hand, while you are doing homework, revising, making notes or testing yourself. The pen option is best if you are easily embarrassed by small cuddly toys on your desk!

Your brain will begin to link the learning and memory of each subject with the item chosen. This means that when you are in an exam, touching or handling your chosen “lucky mascot” for that subject will allow the link to “resurface” helping your brain to select the right information held in your memory.

Do Lucky Mascots work?

OK, it does sound strange – but many people who have tried the lucky mascot technique confirm that if you do take it seriously it does work. And what have you got to lose?

If mascots are not to your liking, try rubbing a different scent onto your wrists for each subject, the smell being the trigger for recall. A number of cosmetic shops (for example, The Body Shop) stock a very wide range of different scented oils that could be diluted and used.

CHEWING (of gum, etc.)

Sugary items chewed during revision may achieve the exact opposite of what you might expect.

Eating sugary things causes your blood sugar level to rise suddenly. Your brain associates this with you just having had a large meal. In response your brain makes you feel dull and sleepy. During revision or even during an exam this spells disaster! Avoid eating or chewing confectionery of any kind during an examination. If you must, and if it is allowed, use sugar-free products.

Better still, have a starchy meal (rice, noodles, bread, potato) an hour or so before revising or before your exam. This will stop you feeling hungry and provide a steady supply of blood sugar to the brain. Your brain will respond by working at its best.




And Finally…

I hope that this guide is or has been of some help to you.

By Ian Graham, igdirect@yahoo.co.uk

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