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High School

Lucky Mascots, etc.

Lucky mascots can serve a very useful purpose besides sitting on a desk and getting in the way. They can act as memory aids provided that they are used in a sensible way and the method is taken seriously! Select as many small mascots, charms, souvenirs, etc., as you have subjects. These items might include […] Read more


Improving your learning ability

“You cannot teach a man or woman anything; you can only help them to find it within themselves.” Galileo “Just as eating against one’s will is injurious to the health, so study without a liking for it spoils the memory, and it retains nothing it takes in.” Leonardo Da Vinci The only way to make […] Read more


Setting up your study area

Setting up a study area will help you get into the “study habit”. If you always work in this one place your brain will begin to switch into “study mode” as soon as you sit down. In other words, you “activate” your ability to concentrate. In an ideal world the study area would be: QUIET […] Read more


Seven steps to dealing with problems

If you follow this guide carefully, the things you might see as difficulties now become enjoyable challenges. Seven steps to dealing with problems: WHAT EXACTLY IS THE PROBLEM? Make sure you know what it is!   WHAT END RESULT DO YOU HOPE TO ACHIEVE? Decide on what “success” means to you.   COLLECT INFORMATION What […] Read more

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Looking back on what you’ve done

Keeping an eye on your own progress can tell you much more than any report made by a teacher. This will help you see where you are having difficulty so that you can deal with it before it gets worse! Try grading yourself (A, B, C, or whatever) on one or more of the following: […] Read more